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Elite Dance Academy - Gold Coast Dance School

Elite Dance Academy - Gold Coast Dance School - Call and book now on 0418 485 504!

If you are looking for a Gold Coast Dance School Elite Dance Academy is it. Our Gold Coast Dance School is professionally equipped and conveniently located in Helensvale, QLD (just off the M1 at the MovieWorld Exit). Elite Dance Academy conducts dance lessons for boys and girls of all ages from Tiny Tots to Adults.

If you are looking for a Gold Coast Dance Studio with qualified and experienced Dance Teachers with an eye to developing technical dance skills and providing entertainment and performance experience all whilst maintaining a distinct 'family' feel, the Elite Dance Academy is the Gold Coast Dance School you are looking for.

Our Dance Students can choose from a myriad of dance styles including Glenn Wood Tap Dancing, Jazz, Cecchetti Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical, Broadway and Acrobatics, and more. Check out all the dance styles we offer here.

Tiny Dancers is the latest addition to our successful Gold Coast Dance School. Tiny Dancers is a fun, pre-school dance concept for girls and boys from 6 months to 6 years. Tiny Dancers dance classes allow babies, toddlers, and young children to enjoy the physical and social benefits of ballet, song, and dance in a safe, caring, positive, and informal environment.

We endeavour to provide all our dance students with as many performance opportunities as possible as this helps to develop confidence and build dance technique. Performance opportunities include eisteddfods here and interstate, local community events, and performances in Disneyland and other U.S. locations.

As a welcome to our Dance School, we invite all NEW dance students to try as many dance styles and dance classes as they like for the first week for FREE!

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Classical Ballet

The timeless Cecchetti Principles of grace, balance and line form the basis of a sound training syllabus that has been developed to meet the needs of today's modern child - teaching co-ordination, poise, confidence, rhythmical sense and musicality while ensuring that the process is still fun!

Tap Dance

Glenn Wood Tap is a fun syllabus teaching students of all ages tap technique. It not only has everyone enjoying classes but also achieves outstanding results, producting strong and stylish tapping.

Students can elect to sit exams at the end of the year or simply enjoy the fun at their weekly tap classes.


We provide upbeat modern jazz classes ranging from the traditional Broadway jazz through to the very fresh and modern styles of today's commercial jazz.


Modern/Lyrical is a fusion of Classical Ballet and Jazz. It explores the emotions of dance and uses motion to interpret music and lyrics.

It is highly expressive, subtle and dynamic using a combination of intricate, highly technical, and pedestrian/naturalistic moves.


Our Acrobatic Students enjoy learning tumbles, cartwheels, handstands, balances, and stability incorporating elements of basic flips.

We use the ACRODANCE, this program will enhance the skills and techniques taught in our acrobatics classes for all ages.

Children are grouped into levels, not age and are taught basic skills progressing to advanced tumbling and flips with a strong emphasis on core body awareness in a safe qualified controlled environment.

HipHop - including Boys Only Classes

Hip Hop covers a wide range of styles including break dance, pop and lock, and krumping.

Students enjoy a high energy class to all the latest music.


A combination of Musical Theatre and Jazz – “ Broadway Style."

Students will enjoy learning the stories of Broadway Musicals and expressing this through Dance, Song & Acting.


Contemporary choreography is often considered to be different and experimental.

It has a very broad and creative vocabulary and contains movements that are both static and dynamic, lyrical and athletic, and that invert, twist, expand and contract.

The boundaries of contemporary dance are limitless!

Bringing Out The Best in Our Dancers in 3 steps

We endeavour to work with each member of our dance family to develop dance technique, build their confidence and to provide various performance opportunities to round out their dance experience.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

We ensure our qualified teachers and experienced staff stay current with ongoing development and training.

Technique Development

We work with our dancers to ensure safe practice, correct technique to develop their skills and confidence.

Performance Experience

We ensure that our dancers build their confidence with plenty of opportunities to perform, both locally and interstate.

What our customers are saying about us

  • 5 Stars!

    We have been attending classes at EDA for all of 2019 and it has been such a wonderful experience...of course we have signed up for more next year.

    Joining was the best decision we made on behalf of our 6 year old. She has made friends and learned skills for life. When I say skills, I don’t just mean awesome dance skills - I mean life skills like;

    - the ability to be confident in high pressure situations (like the show)
    - communication and social skills
    - teamwork
    - listening and following instructions
    - receiving and working on feedback
    - commitment
    - patience
    - imagination
    - understanding
    - cooperation
    - emotional intelligence

    The list is actually endless! The older girls are SO inspiring and it’s wonderful to watch my little girl gaze with starry eyes at their skill and hope one day she can replicate what they do.

    By being around good people, she has learned how to be a good person! She has been so motivated to be fit and healthy, she has been rewarded for her hard work and has developed this lovely sense of pride - which transfers to every area of life - she knows if you work hard and stay committed, it pays off. Very important.

    I have listened to the coaches at Elite - they have danced all their lives and their passion is REAL - and the words they use when delivering speeches and instruction are SO positive. They have empowered generations of boys and girls to not just be the best they can be, but to help their peers to be their best self, too.

    The students Molly has met have been so kind and uplifting - they constantly cheer for each other. It’s lovely to hear.

    Molly has a community at EDA, so she has another safety net of people rooting for her, ensuring she feels safe, happy and supported. She will always thrive in that environment.

    Huge shout out to Miss Kylie who knows all of “her kids” by name, and all the families.

    Watching your pride on Saturday at the concert (which is just so ridiculously professional) was everything. You are a very inspiring and wonderful human being and I am glad Molly gets to spend time with you.

    I thought I was signing my daughter up to learn how to dance, but she has learned much much more.

    THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING...until next year!

  • If you are looking for a dance studio that is friendly, family orientated and supportive to all dancers, Elite Dance Academy is for you!

    The teachers are all friendly at EDA and support all dancers, at whatever stage they are at, whether they are just starting out, to experienced soloists. They always aim to help motivate and improve every student’s technique and confidence.

    All the families that attend are very friendly as well, and you always walk into the studio feeling welcomed.

    Chloe has attended Elite Dance Academy for the past 5 Years, and to see her dance journey evolve has been amazing. She started her first year with Ballet, Jazz & Acro, and now in her 5th year of dance has added: Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop and Troupe.

    She has made so many new friends since attending and all the girls support each other in class or at competitions.

    Troupe has given Chloe so much more confidence on stage and you can see she’s improved with every competition performance and end of year concert.

    We love Miss Kylie and our EDA family!

    Caroline Willis
  • 2017 will see the 10th year my children have danced at Elite Dance Academy.

    We originally chose this dance studio as it was located locally, we have stayed because we love it. All 3 of my children dance here and have excelled…They have build confidence and made lasting friendships. All my children have had amazing experiences dancing with EDA.

    We highly recommend Elite Dance Academy.

    Maguire Family
  • We have been with Elite Dance Academy for 5 years now, and have found Kylie and her team to be very professional and very much a huge family.

    My daughter loves dancing and is achieving well in dancing exams, that comes down to the time and dedication that the Elite Dance Academy put into every single dancer.

    I would recommend Kylie and the Elite Dance Academy to anyone thats looking to be part of a huge family and where you child can achieve their own personal goals.

    Thank you Kylie for being you!

  • My daughter has been with EDA for two years so far as a Tiny Tot in the 3-4 age group and she absolutely loves the time that she gets to spend with the teachers and the little girls she has met.

    The dance school has done wonders for her confidence and social skills. She's too busy having fun to even notice the coordination skills she has learnt so far.

    As parents we highly recommend this school. The end of year concerts are such a wonderful production, something we are so proud to be a part of.

    The time and effort put in by EDA with these kids is nothing short of amazing. We love it and will be back for many more years to come.

    Thank you EDA!

    Lauren Hegarty
  • Elite Dance Academy isn’t just a Dance studio, to me it’s a big extended family group.

    My daughter has been attending Elite since she was 2 ½ years old, taking the toddler Ballet classes. Now 6 years later, she still absolutely adores coming to Elite. It’s a fabulous studio with caring and brilliant dance teachers.

    All the students are so supportive of each other. The comradery that they show to one and other is so wonderful.

    I would highly recommend Elite to any new or aspiring dancers out there.

    Satisfied Dance Mum
  • Elite dance academy is a very inviting place to dance at any age. I love EDA community because every... one is friends. I also love EDA because it isn't all about competing or competitions it's about being yourself and been who you are.
    Happy Dance Mum
  • Kylie, Glenys & the teachers at Elite Dance Academy are very special indeed.

    They all go above and beyond to make our daughter feel special, safe and secure, while nurturing her love for dance through patience, understanding and kindness.

    There is a choice for students and parents to really commit to dancing as a passionate way to embrace the many facets of performing publicly, or to simply enjoy dancing as a much loved way for students to express themselves.

    Either way, Kylie & the staff at Elite Dance Academy provide a beautiful place for students to discover their abilities to move to music whilst building the self esteem of so many children and teenagers, male and female.

    My husband and I love The team at Elite Dance and will continue to send our children there to grow and discover themselves through dance and movement, thus helping to shape them into strong, confident adults in the future.

    Very Happy Dance Parents
  • My daughter had always wanted to do tap dancing and I could not have asked for a better introduction to the dance than she received through Elite Dance Academy.

    The instructors are professional, personable, approachable and genuinely care for the students - most importantly, they have fun!

    The studio itself has a positive and encouraging atmosphere and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about introducing their children to dance, no matter what gender or age they are accepted with open arms through the doors of Elite Dance.

    Kelly Malloy
  • A wonderful dance studio!

    My 1st child started with EDA 6 years ago, my 2nd 3 years ago, and my 3rd 2 years ago. They love every minute of it.

    It has become their 2nd family and they enjoy the friendships they have made along the way.

    We participate in many dance competitions and trips away, which they love including a trip to USA where my older 2 danced at Disneyland and Universal studios and Hollywood boulevard- a trip of a lifetime.

    My children are involved in hip hop, tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, performance troupes, boys technique, solos, duos and trios and just can’t get enough!

    The commitment to dance the teachers display is 2nd to none and I highly recommend this studio to anyone!

    Besides dance skills and techniques my children have developed, friendships, respect, self esteem a love of performing and most of all self confidence.

    A very happy mum of 3 amazing little performers.

    Kym // Satisfied Mum
  • I could not recommend this studio enough!!!

    They are extremely professional and everybody is made to feel they belong. We had our first Dance Concert last year and it was beautiful. Not only were the ladies organised but he children were safe at all times.

    If you want somewhere your children will love to come to dance then Elite Dance Academy is the place to go.

    Look forward to another wonderful year!

    Theresa // Satisfied Mum
  • EDA has been amazing for our daughter and our family.

    After moving interstate we have found EDA to be supportive, encouraging and experienced.

    We have had such a wonderful experience with the EDA family and are looking forward to the many years of dance to come!

    // Satisfied EDA Mum
  • My children have been at EDA for the last 7 years. The studio is great with lots of opportunities for the kids to grow and develop their passion.

    I am so happy with the quality of instruction and opportunities my girls have had at EDA but this is not a studio just for the most Elite dancer, this studio fosters the growth and development of all its students and encourages them to achieve their own personal goals.

    It is a place where the student can go and really know that if they believe they can achieve.

    My youngest has just turned 9 and as her birthday falls in December her first end of year dance concert she was on stage in front of hundreds of people at just 2 years of age and has never looked back.

    My eldest has been a school house captain and last year she placed 8th with an overall high score at the showcase dance championships at Lismore. She loves dancing and is working towards incorporating dance in her career goals.

    The confidence and personal growth my girls have developed I can confidently attribute to their time spent dancing at EDA.

    Thank you to the fantastic staff of the Elite Dance Academy.

    Monique Maguire//Delighted Dance Mum
  • Elite dance academy has come part of our regular routine so easily. All our classes fit in so well with our girls school commitments & we are about to commence our 6th year with EDA.

    The amazing principal & her hand-picked staff are so dedicated to all the students & their families. The timetable is always generous & the options are endless & the efficiency of the back office is appreciated. Our girls learn so much more than the art of dance. They learn about patience, understanding & commitment & when they take on something new, they need to apply themselves & see it thru.

    They are blessed with wonderful friends they met at dance or encouraged to join them there. And many were from the very first day!

    A little bonus from the mummy perspective is how engaging & nice the other mums are!! I doubt that all dance schools can say that!

    Congratulations EDA on another wonderful year & concert. You amazed us all....again!

    J.Harris//Happy Dance Mum
  • Our little girls Taylah and Jordie have attended Elite Dance Academy for the past 3 years. The girls love attending every lesson and have improved dramatically each year.

    Kylie and her staff run a very friendly and professional dance school and this is reflected in the quality of the end of year concert.

    I would recommend Elite Dance Academy to anyone with a passion for learning dance.

    Bec // Proud Mum
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