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Enrolment Forms – Elite Dance Academy Dance School 

Enrol Now and Learn To Dance At Elite Dance AcademySpeed up your enrolment process by clicking on the  Enrolment Form listed below. Print it out and complete it at your convenience in the comfort of your home or at work. Once you have completed the enrolment forms simply bring it along with you on when you come to enrol.

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What our customers are saying about us

  • Our little girls Taylah and Jordie have attended Elite Dance Academy for the past 3 years. The girls love attending every lesson and have improved dramatically each year.

    Kylie and her staff run a very friendly and professional dance school and this is reflected in the quality of the end of year concert.

    I would recommend Elite Dance Academy to anyone with a passion for learning dance.

    Bec // Proud Mum
  • My daughters have attended EDA for over 5 years.

    I like EDA because I can talk to the teachers about my children and know that they care. They know my kids and I get clear feedback on their progress.

    They provide classes with good technique and concerts that just get better and better. Student examination results continue to reflect the solid work of the teachers each year.

    EDA continues to grow and improve with workshops and invitations to dance master classes in various dance styles.

    They want to produce good, well-rounded students that have experienced different teachers, styles and techniques within the dance community; which could lead to work in the dance industry if desired.

    I can also tell you that I like EDA because of the things I don’t have to deal with: egotistic teachers, overly competitive/bitchy students and parents with a dog-eat-dog attitude. EDA is none of these things, and for that I am grateful.

    Yay EDA!!

    Louisa//Happy Dance Mum
  • A wonderful dance studio!

    My 1st child started with EDA 6 years ago, my 2nd 3 years ago, and my 3rd 2 years ago. They love every minute of it.

    It has become their 2nd family and they enjoy the friendships they have made along the way.

    We participate in many dance competitions and trips away, which they love including a trip to USA where my older 2 danced at Disneyland and Universal studios and Hollywood boulevard- a trip of a lifetime.

    My children are involved in hip hop, tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, performance troupes, boys technique, solos, duos and trios and just can’t get enough!

    The commitment to dance the teachers display is 2nd to none and I highly recommend this studio to anyone!

    Besides dance skills and techniques my children have developed, friendships, respect, self esteem a love of performing and most of all self confidence.

    A very happy mum of 3 amazing little performers.

    Kym // Satisfied Mum
  • I could not recommend this studio enough!!!

    They are extremely professional and everybody is made to feel they belong. We had our first Dance Concert last year and it was beautiful. Not only were the ladies organised but he children were safe at all times.

    If you want somewhere your children will love to come to dance then Elite Dance Academy is the place to go.

    Look forward to another wonderful year!

    Theresa // Satisfied Mum
  • EDA has been amazing for our daughter and our family.

    After moving interstate we have found EDA to be supportive, encouraging and experienced.

    We have had such a wonderful experience with the EDA family and are looking forward to the many years of dance to come!

    //Satisfied Dance Mum
  • My children have been at EDA for the last 7 years. The studio is great with lots of opportunities for the kids to grow and develop their passion.

    I am so happy with the quality of instruction and opportunities my girls have had at EDA but this is not a studio just for the most Elite dancer, this studio fosters the growth and development of all its students and encourages them to achieve their own personal goals.

    It is a place where the student can go and really know that if they believe they can achieve.

    My youngest has just turned 9 and as her birthday falls in December her first end of year dance concert she was on stage in front of hundreds of people at just 2 years of age and has never looked back.

    My eldest has been a school house captain and last year she placed 8th with an overall high score at the showcase dance championships at Lismore. She loves dancing and is working towards incorporating dance in here career goals.,

    The confidence and personal growth my girls have developed I can confidently attribute to their time spent dancing at EDA.

    Thank you to the fantastic staff of the Elite Dance Academy.

    Monique Maguire//Delighted Dance Mum
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